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Steel Cutters, Shears, Straighteners, Bending Devices, Hydraulic Material Testing Presses

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  • Manual Steel Cutters: mesh and bolt cuttes, steel strapping cutters, threaded rod cutters, wire rope and cable cutters, cutting and bending tools
  • Steel Cutting and Bending Tools (Battery powered, Electro hydraulic, Electric and Pneumatic): flush steel saws, steel cutters, chain cutters, steel strapping and rebar cutters, bending tools
  • Hydraulic Tools and Drive Units: straighteners, steel cutters and hydraulic drive units
  • KAMAX Hydraulic Devices and Machines: steel cuttes and straighteners, drive units and accessories
  • Hydraulic Material Testing Presses: upsetting presses for material compression testing of wire with a piston pressure of 500 to 5000 kN
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