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We are offering the following services that you, as our current or forthcoming customer always can rely on:

  1. immediate response to inquiries and all queries during offer, order process and shipment
    You can reach us by e-mail, fax or telephone - and we provide an effective information network, which also includes assistance in all technical and logistical questions. We take care that you are always aware of the sequence of your projects - from first inquiry to arrival at destination and beyond
  2. dynamism and high flexibility with focus on your requirements
    We provide you with the materials you need - in price, quality, quantity, brand-name and "in time"
  3. competitive prices
    Using different national and international sources we are in the position to offer you most competetive prices - also considering alternative brand-names, according to your requirements and priorities
  4. shortest possible delivery time
    Focussed on your demands and urgencies we mostly can offer flexible delivery times which will meet exactly your requests. This service very often implies emergency supplies with immediate deliveries by direct courier service, or airfreight
  5. consolidation of different items and brand-names from all over Europe in one shipment
    One of our big advantages is the consolidation of different articles / brands from all over Europe in one shipment Our customers appreciate very much this service, since they save a lot of money with view to freight charges, handling charges, nationalization, customs clearance, import taxes and inland transport to final destination! Furthermore our customers save a lot of work since they get everything from PAHCO. This concentration always simplifies communication, handling, shipment, payment. Importing each item from several different sources is more expensive.